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The site was (and probably is still) the stronghold for Endangered Thyolo Alethe Alethe choloensis, and in 1983 Endangered Spotted Ground thrush Zoothera guttata was found there.Part of Mulanje’s unique biodiversity is the cedar Widdringtonia, whose strong, sweetly scented, termite resistant timber, highly valued by woodcarvers and builders, is targeted for illegal logging. Clearance of the lower slopes for farmland is adding to the pressures.In collaboration with the Mount Mulanje Conservation Trust (MMCT) and Concern Universal, and with funding from the European Union and Irish Aid, WESM is implementing a project to help people develop alternative livelihoods.With the project’s support, Foster Menyani, who formerly made a precarious living cutting Mulanje cedar, has taken up beekeeping. Beginning with a couple of hives provided by the project, he has re invested the revenue from his honey sales.

Almost spit out my hot cocoa, when I saw this picture on the Sartorialist. Not only do I adore this outfit, but I thought for a moment he was wearing my vintage coat. It is a sister line to Jack Wills, which looks like a British version of Abercrombie Fitch.

This new Upper East Side bar promises ”the end of the frat boy singles bar scene,” but so far it attracts many more women than men. Maybe the guys aren’t that comfortable amid the suggestive decor heart colored love seats, Latex curtains and honeycomb motifs surrounding the computer monitors and digital cameras that are part of the bar’s elaborate ”Date a Base” system. Patrons are encouraged to fill out a Luvsurvey, which asks for personal information like the celebrity you are most often compared with.

And former players thriving in the NFL and in life are proof of Coach Riley tremendous ability to recruit outstanding young men, Smith said. Understands what it takes to win in this conference, and how to evaluate and develop student athletes. There is no one better to have represent OSU in the homes of recruits as we build this program..

Following another disconcerting dream, Beya wakes to find Mpaka working on her fridge. He proposes marriage and recites a snippet of poetry, while she dresses in the next room and chides him for being a dreamer. While riding on the back of a motorbike through the outskirts of the city, Beya sees mourners at a funeral and some youths pushing a broken down minibus.

Executives narrowed the list of four proposals down to two, highlighting the Ferguson Group massive resources and Turch lower offer.course the cost of service had a deciding factor associated with it, but also past practice, Deputy City Manager Yasmin Beers said. Panel felt that the past practice really spoke for itself. Councilman John Drayman, who previously called on staff to cast a wide net to rope in lobbyists who represent cities of comparable size, demographics, interest and goals, took issue with nearly every step of the process.Drayman maintained that the council asked city executives to look at cities such as Santa Monica, Sierra Madre, Pasadena, Irvine and Santa Ana to get an idea of whom they contract with.

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